The manager is in office.

Well i hear your concerns about starting a fresh moving along with my web address which i absolutely love but also with the love of my life Mrs Melody mukwedeya so its all very positive and im looking forward to developing my web site and getting recognition hope you like what we doing here and look forward to any correspondence comments tips ect i.ll be very pleased to hearing your thoughts
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Super vet Channel 4 …

What on earth can I say about this man and his practise he,s absolutely SHAMAZING. I was watching him last night and among amputating a mogies hind leg he then went on and made a new leg but not only done that but I mean it was just so profesional the mogie named Tiddles survived after going into surgery 3 times and was out of action with both hind legs at one point I really thought Tiddles was a goner but there ya go she had a new leg had phyisio on the other leg and she was skipping about like TOP-C@T. Thats is truly amazing.  all I need to say here is you got to watch The SUPER VET ON CHANNEL 4. Brilliant.

A better day for dogs.

Well as you have probably allready worked out its been quite mild today giving a kay 9.z a break from the swealtering heat we have endured in recent weeks.  My Tinkerbell is laughing all the way to the bank she has just got a new bed consists of the whole house wherever she lays her hat is her Home. She will bark at me continuously if i put a sock on let alone a shoe, and it was just the other night i was about to rest my dreary eyes after a long day working when i heard this little bark. Hmmm funny what would she want at this time of night after 5 or so more little dog syndrome, barks.

I  went to investigate. Were could she be the last room i looked in and lucky by chance because i was beginning to suspect she.d made a sharp exit and tinkerbell alone outside Oh my god, UNTHINKABLE..HaHa Anyway i found her in the bathroom staring at the sink and barking again at my entrance. “She only wanted a wash a bath but in her case once again small dogie syndrome a bath in the sink. My good god what pet makes its way to the bathroom and yelps for a wash i can tell you Tinkerbell does Eeh eh….!!?

Repeat Offender

Ha ha thats hilarious sooo funny and the picture to boot you.ll have to excuse my igronance on not bloging before now i amm new to blogs and websites and am like a pre – schooler when contributing but i just would like to say your a great writer and very funny keep up the good work. Im building a website at and would love if you could give me any tips in my crusade have a great day
Regards Richard O’sullivan

Its a long day for some of us..!!

Its a shame when you see dogs and animals been treat like that by thugs and just people who have absolutely no concerns over there dogs health mental health and just all round disrespect for there dogs in general.  The programme on channel 4 last night http://www.chanel4/  Actually I could not believe my eyes when I saw a young man punching his dog in the face. Who the hell does he think he is im surprised the dog didn’t bite him and the dog would of been in its full rights to do just that.  I mean come on….???!!! Anyway I just wanted you to know that as your aware this is still going on of course it is. On the other side of the coin is a much happier story and its were the dog in question gets rescued and after a long court case were the defendant pleaded guilty at 1st then changed his plea to not guilty anyway after one and a half year and the dog being in rescue all that time he was eventually convicted and the dog was re-homed with a wonderful lady and I just know there is justice for our animals out there eventually.  Thanks a lot for listening.

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