VIP PETS NEED THAT EXTRA CARE. Don’t you think bless the “little darlings”.. Ted says am just going to explore a little, look for some cheeky cats, “excuse me TED”…!!??? E.X.C.U.S.E ME.!!


Pets R V.I.P 2021. Scroll down page for 2021 winter selections.

New WEB STORE open nowreal for all your dogs cats pups and kitten needs in a special V.I.P area which I’m sure you’ll just love. Have to do a lot of editing touching up reading following sharing and of course spending I just hope and pray it all clicks I guess it will then its the haul ofContinue reading “Pets R V.I.P 2021. Scroll down page for 2021 winter selections.” January 2019.

Hi everyone here at we are preparing a new webstore for all your dog & cat needs with high qaulity acessories at very nice prices. That won’t hit you in the pocket. PLEASE COME BACK VISIT REAL SOON WE AIM TO PLEASE. Tel: 07707551180 or email Richard O’sullivan for more details servicesContinue reading “ January 2019.”

The manager is in office.

Well i hear your concerns about starting a fresh moving along with my web address which i absolutely love but also with the love of my life Mrs Melody mukwedeya so its all very positive and im looking forward to developing my web site and getting recognition hope you like what we doing hereContinue reading “The manager is in office.”