Xmas is coming..!!


New WEB STORE opening real soon for all your dogs cats pups and kitten needs in a special V.I.P area which I’m sure you’ll just love opening around the 8th of December have to do a hell a lot of editing touching up reading following sharing and of course spending I just hope and pray it all clicks I guess it will then its the haul of advertising here there and everywhere so wish me luck there’s no turning back now I’ve took the plunge here we go all or nothing k.t.f I’m Richard O’sullivan and for this post I’m out..!!!!

2 thoughts on “Xmas is coming..!!

    1. Bravo Karen we should be going business plan in December around the 8th so will be building the web store from then really look forward to your custom should be pleasing to you and you = all I’m searching the www As we speak looking for quality products at sensible prices but also good quality don’t worry I won’t let you down speak soon ta ta 4 now Richard O’sullivan main editor ..


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