January 2019.

Hi everyone here at we are preparing a new webstore for all your dog & cat needs with high qaulity acessories at very nice prices. That won’t hit you in the pocket. PLEASE COME BACK VISIT


Tel: 07707551180 or email Richard O’sullivan for more details services and information.

Published by DOGS & CATS ONLINE V.I.Pets STORE

Hello my names Richard O. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my new online discounted dog & cat store dogiesljfe it's free to browse and has no subscription or membership implications to go through so totally free to browse hope if you have a spare 3 minutes you.ll have a look. Comments in regard to the store can be found at the very bottom of the store page and we welcome anything that you would like to comment on thank you and many regaurd's the team at dogiesljfe. R O'sullivan since 1971

2 thoughts on “ January 2019.

    1. Karen hi well im going business on the 8th so you should be able to order by the end of December beginning of January all going well and hey ho should be some nice accessory’s for your moggies im working on it as we speak please be patient as these things take time a lot of but keep visiting dogiesljfe,com and im sure we,ll be able to help you out real soon watch this space…!!! xx


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