Super vet Channel 4 …

What on earth can I say about this man and his practise he,s absolutely SHAMAZING. I was watching him last night and among amputating a mogies hind leg he then went on and made a new leg but not only done that but I mean it was just so profesional the mogie named Tiddles survived after going into surgery 3 times and was out of action with both hind legs at one point I really thought Tiddles was a goner but there ya go she had a new leg had phyisio on the other leg and she was skipping about like TOP-C@T. Thats is truly amazing.  all I need to say here is you got to watch The SUPER VET ON CHANNEL 4. Brilliant.

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Hello my names Richard O. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my new online discounted dog & cat store dogiesljfe it's free to browse and has no subscription or membership implications to go through so totally free to browse hope if you have a spare 3 minutes you.ll have a look. Comments in regard to the store can be found at the very bottom of the store page and we welcome anything that you would like to comment on thank you and many regaurd's the team at dogiesljfe. R O'sullivan since 1971

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