Repeat Offender

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Regards Richard O’sullivan

Stare of the Dog

Repeat Offender

A cheeky grin and a winning smile can go a long way in life, especially when the face behind them belongs to an adorably cute chocolate Labrador. That said, in a recent episode, my faithful and fur lined companion tested the maxim to the limit.

Not content with skittling a good friend of mine down a flight of stairs last year at a cost of one broken rib and a near bedridden Christmas, I am afraid to report to regular readers that young Dudley struck again only last week.

In a text book move lifted straight off the pages of ‘Bad Parenting Monthly’ (or Uncle-ing in this case), I had trusted the hound implicitly to get on with ‘playing nicely’ with my four year old niece whilst I sat at work on the computer nearby. “Such a modern scene,” I hear you all cry. To Dudley’s credit, spirits…

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