A better day for dogs.

Well as you have probably allready worked out its been quite mild today giving a kay 9.z a break from the swealtering heat we have endured in recent weeks.  My Tinkerbell is laughing all the way to the bank she has just got a new bed consists of the whole house wherever she lays her hat is her Home. She will bark at me continuously if i put a sock on let alone a shoe, and it was just the other night i was about to rest my dreary eyes after a long day working when i heard this little bark. Hmmm funny what would she want at this time of night after 5 or so more little dog syndrome, barks.

I  went to investigate. Were could she be the last room i looked in and lucky by chance because i was beginning to suspect she.d made a sharp exit and tinkerbell alone outside Oh my god, UNTHINKABLE..HaHa Anyway i found her in the bathroom staring at the sink and barking again at my entrance. “She only wanted a wash a bath but in her case once again small dogie syndrome a bath in the sink. My good god what pet makes its way to the bathroom and yelps for a wash i can tell you Tinkerbell does Eeh eh….!!?

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