Hi my names Richard O’sullivan I work with people who are both into dogs puppies working dogs or household pets that will need your love & attention giudance and all round nurturing. I HOPE to find you a dog or a dog acessory both nationally or indeed internationally i.ll look far and wide to help you not leaving any pillar unturned my site is all about dogs puppies and making a better world for us all my site does most its work and research from Donations and i fully apreciate any donation you can offer we and my team Mrs karen harris who is my online administrator or my research team manager Mrs melody mukwedeya and all of our staff work hard to get what you want my tel number is 07707551180 or you can email me at THANKYOU:

Richard O’sullivan:

Tel 07707551180 or


Published by DOGS & CATS ONLINE V.I.Pets STORE

Hello my names Richard O. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my new online discounted dog & cat store dogiesljfe it's free to browse and has no subscription or membership implications to go through so totally free to browse hope if you have a spare 3 minutes you.ll have a look. Comments in regard to the store can be found at the very bottom of the store page and we welcome anything that you would like to comment on thank you and many regaurd's the team at dogiesljfe. R O'sullivan since 1971

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