Welcome to my site! As your probably aware im a big dog fan ad just love a dogs energy and personality which is differant in each and every dog. HERE at DOGIESLJFE.COM We here to HELP YOU and also help you understand some if not all of a dogs small amount of years on the planet. We are a DONATION site which will help us RESEARCH and look into what a dog wants and does throughout its life we here to help you understand your dogs dirty his hers behaviours aswell as its clever and most cutest but most of all offering you help when you need it thanks alot MR RICHARD O’SULLIVAN site owner.

We will also in the near future be opening a online webstore were you,ll be able to get those extra treats and goodies all dogs and owners love thankyou again kind regaurds:

Editor Mr Richard O’sullivan ADMIN: MRS karen Harris Online manager Miss Melody Mukwedeya Our team will be happy to help whatever you dogie need thankyou.

Tel: 07707551180 or Email at rhos3547@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Home

    1. Keep the dog inside maybe in the kitchen or a room that’s cool especially when it gets real hot or you can depends on the size of the dog either cool him down with an electric fan or maybe you’ve got a bigger dog then you can turn the hose on a little bit and just shower the dog with cool water mind do do that for too long a period because the dog will become a little too cool and start to shiver. If you have a small dog and he.s she.s been exposed to a little too much sun then you can just use a damp cloth and just gently sponge your little dog down which is very effective.


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